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    So the brand that is Par73 Apparel, how did it come about?

    Who created the brand?
    Par73 Apparel is the brainchild of 36 year old golf loving Northerner Aaron Waterhouse. I only took up playing golf properly in 2015 and fell in love with the sport, looking back I was absolutely besotted……..I still am.

    So why did I create the brand?

    The brand was created because golf is so expensive, really expensive!! When you take into consideration membership fees, green fees, travel, equipment, clothing and the social side to the sport you are looking at potentially 100’s of pounds a month. So I wanted to make a brand that was stylish, subtle and high quality but without the expensive price tag.

    Where did the brand name come from?

    The brand name, Par73 Apparel comes from the standard scratch rating of my home course Canons Brook Golf Club which is a Par 73 course. Which in itself is unique as not many courses here in the UK have a SS rating for 73.

    The logo, the symbol means unity and togetherness which to me is describes  this sport perfectly. Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion and desire (pretty much every emotion I go through on the course)

    Why did I take up golf?

    Why did I take up golf? I ask myself that after every bad round or blow up (don’t we all) but seriously I took it up after finishing playing football, I fell out of love with the ‘beautiful game’ but still had that hunger and desire to win. What swung golf for me (pardon the pun) was playing a round of golf with my step dad in November 2014, now every golfer knows how horrible it is playing golf in November. However, my step dad was good, really really good, now as a non-golfer when someone tells you their handicap you normally nod and go is that good, without actually having a clue. Well this was me when my step dad told me he played off +1, I didn’t have a clue how good that was until I played with him. We went to Canons Brook Golf club in Essex on a cold Monday morning to have a little knock and he just blew my mind at how good he was. To me he was like all the golfers I would see on the tele, the sound, the flight and the control of the ball was remarkable. Anyone who plays golf knows how difficult it is to play a course you have never played before so his 4 under score of 69 on a par 73 course was unbelievable. So you know where the name for the brand comes from, the stroke index of my home course!!

    So that’s a little bit about the brand, me and why I started to play golf, now it’s time to play golf consistently well and looking good doing it………….ENJOY THE RIDE